Side By Side Unity Group has been established by like-minded professionals who have a common mandate to:

  1. Promote friendship and strong bilateral relations between The United States of America and Canada and to underscore the importance of such ties with our neighbors, our peoples and our countries.
  2. Strengthen the bonds that exist between our nations in terms of sharing the same freedoms, economics and trade, culture and democracy.
  3. Stage and organize annual events and functions throughout Canada (and the United States in the future) to celebrate our friendship, unity, brotherhood and togetherness, and to honor all veterans and uniformed public servants: military, police, security, fire fighters, EMS, pilots, flight attendants and others, and their families.
  4. Show support between friends, pay respect and honor to the citizens and families who have suffered acts of terror and violence.
  5. Promote and increase the awareness among Canadians and Americans about our foundations, art and national heritage of each country and our native people.
  6. Promote our national symbols and patriotism.
  7. Appeal to the corporate leaders for the financial support of our cause, and further our mission to share and expand prosperity and trade on our continent.
  8. Promote globally that we live and share our planet, and therefore that
    we are citizens of the FREE WORLD – WE ARE ONE.

We believe in peace, unity, mutual respect, cooperation and improving the quality of life. We get things started through our special events and rallys. We recognize and pay tribute to the people who risk their lives to save others in the course of their chosen profession. We are starting this simple organization so that our message will spread and give meaning to the sacrifice and honour of all veterans and public servants in such events as the September 11th attacks of 2001. We aim to improve and restore the quality of life for all. We must learn to see beauty and find joy through living the simple goal of living well together side by side.

Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001, increased cooperation between our two nations has become vitally important.

Historically, the open border between the USA and Canada has been maintained as a result of close cooperation, trust and mutual interest between the two countries, and was clearly described by Winston S. Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, during his famous speech at Canada Club, in London, England, in 1939:

“That long frontier from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, guarded only by neighbourly respect and honourable obligations, is an example to every Country and a pattern for the future of the World.”

The ultimate goal of “Side by Side Unity Group” is to gain partnership with one or a few very well established North American professional, uniformed, not-for-profit organizations.

Part of the proceeds from this not-for-profit and non-partisan project will go towards a benevolent fund for Veterans, Fire Fighters, Police, Military and other organizations related to the September 11 rescue efforts. We recognize that apart from these events acts of heroism and sacrifice are happening daily. These support programs and projects will benefit veterans, widows and orphans left behind by the brave police officers, fire fighters, pilots, military, flight attendants and security personnel, who died or became disabled either in the 9/11 disaster or while on duty at some other moment serving and protecting our citizens, communities and countries.

Our team is deeply committed to support officers and soldiers with disabilities, men and women who endangered their lives while protecting freedom and serving our countries, and the North American people.

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